Why Does Your Business Need an Online Presence?


Are you Planning to Scale up your business without focusing on Technology?
if Yes then your Success rate will be less compared to your competitor who is growing his business with the help fo technology.

Due to the raise of Automation, start from small industry to Gaint companies utilizing most of the Technology to ease their business.
It doesn’t matter which industry you are into, Be in Finance or in Retail or Real estate .. every industry needs technology to deliver efficiently.
One can not hire more humans to work repetitive tasks. one can not hire more humans for handling tasks which technology will do in a minute. similarly for Appointment/ticket booking, Stock Analysis, Delivery Tracking, Store Management, POS, Customer service, etc
Just think of Customer service where we all believe Human presence is most important. But Technology replaced and also efficiently handling Customers of the business. Clients use the web or app to schedule Appointments. online help desk takes care of queries, IVRs register complaints of customers, most of the companies use social media to conduct customer service, Online surveys provide feedback from customers, it goes on.

You may be thinking about how my business has to do with Technology. you are correct! your business may not have to do anything with technology. But utilizing technology in proper areas of the business can make wonders in improving your productivity and ultimately sales. Customers are liking the digital world. so they expect everything online. be it a Doctor’s appointment, food delivery or just to get the trust of your business. They check your presence online. your Website, reviews of your business.
Similarly, Social media build a relationship between you and Customers, they feel comfortable if you are on social media. it creates trust, brand. your followers on Social media will definitely buy your product.

Technology like Artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of things (IoT), big data, Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, etc is creating an environment that we are not able to even imagine.
just like how Facebook identify your friends face on the pic you are uploading, how your amazon app is recommending a product you are wishing, how you can convert your voice into text, Alexa/Echo kind of assistant like this there are thousands of example which we never imagine 5 years back.

The impact of technology on business can be good or bad. There’s no doubt that technology will continue to be a part of the business world with every advancement made.
Your business can have success beyond your dreams if you embrace and understand all that technology has to offer you.

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